Welcome once again to the Clint Boon website. Here's a rundown on the many activities of Mr Boon.


There is an official Inspirals website at www.inspiralcarpets.com . Check in there for the latest Inspiral news, games, piccies and other groovy stuff.

Other news on the Clint front.


Engie Benjy, the kids TV animation show featuring a theme song composed and sung by Clint and the main character voices supplied by Ant and Dec has been getting stacks of critical acclaim. Now into it's second series, it is the most watched kids TV show beating both the Tweenies and Fimbles in the viewers ratings. It’s currently being broadcast on ITV every Sunday morning and being shown in 60 countries. Apparently, Engie Benjy is the fastest selling pre-school TV show ever. Watch out for the single of the theme later this year. Also watch out (and listen out) for the kid’s coin operated Engie Benjy van rides in your local supermarket.

These ultra cool ‘must have’ machines are now a fixture in scores of supermarkets around the UK! Imagine the thrill of selecting your weekly groceries to the strains of Clint singing “Engie Benjy engine man….!!”. We think you get the picture. Visit Engie's site www.engiebenjy.co.uk


Clint is still travelling around the furthest reaches of Britain and Europe with his amazing record collection dishing out bucketloads of pleasure to those lucky enough to catch his club dj skills.

Every Saturday night Clint is still rocking the joint with his now legendary CLINT BOON’S DISCO RESCUE at South on South King Street, Manchester (10-2.30). www.south-club.co.uk

Check out the diary page for other dj gigs.

He no longer plays at the Fab Café or Elemental.


The third release on Clint’s label, BOONEY TUNES!l is an album Clint recorded with a singer songwriter called Elaine Palmer. Now available through Townsend Records at www.townsend-records.co.uk Check out Elaine’s website at www.elaine-palmer.co.uk


A major Italian movie has just been completed which uses the CBX! Classic, WHITE NO SUGAR as the theme tune. Watch this space for more news.

No plans yet to relaunch the CBX! although Clint is planning assembling

‘some sort of band’ later this year.